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"My teenage daughter is very active in sports, and has sensitive skin prone to breakouts.  We've had trouble finding a soap which is strong enough to make her feel clean, yet gentle enough to avoid drying and irritating her skin.  She's been using nothing but Prima Natural soap for almost a year, and the results have been remarkable.  Her skin has remained clear, smooth, and free of any irritation.  We will continue to take Prima Natural with us wherever we go, and we highly recommend it to others. 

Thank you!"   
Beth Page

"Thank you for such timely delivery on the soap this past order and I look forward to ordering more.

I wanted to get back to you on what an amazing product your soap has been for my father.  He was severely burned over 30% of his body due to chemicals blowing up on him.  He was flown to a top rate burn trauma center where he got the most advanced and top rate surgeons and doctors on the East Coast.  He was in the center for 10 days and had two double skin grafts on his arms using skin on his thighs.  The Doctors were very adamant about what soaps and products he could use on his skin when it finally healed.  His skin has healed completely and he says that your soap is the only product he can use comfortably without drying his skin out.  The less product he uses the better and with your soap, it basically eliminates the need of a heavy moisturizer on his skin.  The doctors have been thrilled with the rate of his recovery and the pliability of his skin.

I myself find your soap to be the only thing that cleared up my sons acne.

Once again, thank you for sharing this soap with the world."

Whitney Taylor

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"The Prima Natural soap is such a wonderfully refreshing product. My young daughter suffers from extremely sensitive skin, to the extent that her doctor recommended she not use soap unless it’s completely necessary. The harsh chemicals and detergents in most commercial soap leave her skin blistered and raw. Washing with Prima Natural is not only gentle, but effective, leaving the skin feeling fresh, clean and healthy. We are so grateful for a product we can trust.”

East Haddam, CT

"I am just writing to express my excitement over your soap.  I am not the type of person who typically writes testimonials but this is a product that deserves this effort.  I have very dry skin and have tried numerous moisturizing soaps over the years.  When I used these, I never had good results.  My skin continued to be dry and my face was flaky and breaking out.  I was beginning to think I would never have healthy skin again.  Then, I found your product.  I honestly, skeptically, tried it wondering if I had purchased yet another soap that would not have good results.  I noticed a difference almost immediately.  The soap did not leave my skin feeling dry.  After a month, I noticed my face was no longer flaky and my complexion was much clearer.  After another couple of weeks, my face was actually smoother.  At that point, I realized it wasn't just a face soap.  Now, it is the only soap I will use.  It is unlike any soap I have ever tried.  My skin is soft after using it and it feels "healthy".................almost like it can breathe which is exactly what you promised by saying "For Resilient, Soft, Healthy Skin That Breathes".  This product actually makes promises that it keeps!  I highly recommend it.  Until I tried it, I never realized how harsh the other soaps were; I just knew my skin looked and felt terrible.  Thanks for making all the difference in the world to the health and appearance of my skin.  I am a true believer in your product."
Paulita A. Keith

"Hello my name is Tim Simmons, salon owner and hair stylist for over thirty years.  The Goat milk and honey soap is one of the purest cleansers I have ever used, unlike the other cleansers that leave your skin feeling dry.  I recommended this product to my father who suffers from facial rosacea, after using the soap his skin cleared up. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants soft silky skin." 

Tim Simmons

“I loved the soap. It didn’t dry my skin like the harsh crap they sell in the stores.”

Shelbyville, TN

“I found the soap to be not high in lather, has a very soft scent…not heavy at all thank goodness!! And rinses off easily too.”

Knoxville, TN

"This is the first soap I have found that doesn't irritate the sensitive skin on my face. My skin doesn't feel "tight" and there is none of the flakiness I have found with other products. Very mild and loves your skin"

Louisville, KY

"Just wanted you to know. AWESOME PRODUCT!!
 A soap that has it all ;clean fresh smell, leaves my dry,itchy skin soft and wonderful! Love it head to toe. All soaps are not created equal."

Ky Author & Speaker, Linda J. Hawkins

"I received this soap as a gift at Christmas.  I’m not one to spend a lot of money on cosmetic items but this soap is incredible. I have very dry skin and love hot baths, which is a bad combination.  This soap has left my skin soft and moisturized. Love the feel on my face, neck, chest, legs and arms.  I can tell a difference after using for the last two months.  I’m a believer."

S. Zilich

"This soap is silky glide on like the golden honey produced on Candle Bee Farm. So gentle and moisturizing. I use it on my face, hair and body - the result is phenomenal considering I used to have to use 3 different products for face, hair, and body. There is no residual after shower. My skin is baby silky smooth after shower and all day long! My body does not require body lotion as a result after shower! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this soap. It was formulated with the perfect vision and concept! Thanks a million, you made a difference in the quality of my shower and skin care! You have a customer for life of course! Thanks a million!"

Best Regards,

Bibi Twahir

(note: Bibi is referring to the honey from Candle Bee Farm™, the parent company of Prima Natural™)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful soaps and candles. I absolutely LOVE them. I can honestly say that they are amazing. I don't want to use any other kind of soap now. I'm already one of your die hard candle fans and now have gotten all my friends hooked on your candles too. There just isn't anything else out there like them. What I specifically like about your soaps is that they lather up nice, enough to shave my legs, but are gentle enough to use on my face all without leaving a waxy or filmy layer on my skin. They also smell really nice but aren't "perfumy". When I first saw them I wanted to leave them out as pretty soaps. My husband told me I had to use them and I'm glad he did. Good luck with everything and I will have to hint to my husband that soaps would make a great birthday gift.


(note: Shani is referring to the candles of Candle Bee Farm™, the parent company of Prima Natural™)