Frequently Asked Questions

Prima Natural™ soap is an incredibly uncommon approach to skin cleansing. So questions sometimes arise about the differences.

What makes this soap so special?

Prima Natural™ soap is made of fresh, raw, whole goat milk from pastured goats. Royalty throughout the ages have used whole milk in their baths to attain silky, smooth skin. Most notable of these was the beautiful Cleopatra. Whole goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is a wholesome natural contributor to bodily health and beauty inside and out.

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The protein strands of goat milk are small and are thus easily absorbed by the skin along with the vital moisture, vitamins and minerals. Prima Natural™ soap utilizes a trade secret process to preserve the caproic and caprylic saturated fatty acids present in fresh goat milk as well and the naturally occurring enzymes and minerals. 

This leaves natural balance to skin structure and pH. The skin remains in its natural state without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. Pores are not clogged or stripped and the skin can “breathe” and function in a normal, healthy manner. The feeling is indescribable as no other soap provides this unique combination of actions. In addition, Prima Natural™ soap contains the highest quality oils and natural fats to compliment the benefits and provide the optimum formula for cleanliness and skin comfort.

Why add honey to the soap?

(Note: Soap containing honey does not smell like honey due to the saponification process. Most market soaps sold as “honey soap” with a distinct honey smell are artificially scented and generally contain no real honey at all).Honey is nature’s liquid gold. Prima Natural™ soaps use only the purest raw honey provided by Candle Bee Farm™ with all of the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals intact. It has a luxurious, warm glow and is full of skin loving antioxidants. The natural sugars in honey add a bit of lather to the soaps. Raw honey is also antimicrobial. Therefore, it is a natural preservative and protectant for the soap and the skin. It is incredibly mild when used with problem skin and sensitive skin issues.

Why is this soap low lathering?

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This is a totally natural soap. It has a low soft lather. However, it does not have nearly the quantity of lather as most soaps. This is because Prima Natural™ soap contains only natural ingredients. It does not contain lathering chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, etc. 

Most skin cleansers on the market are not soap at all. Rather, they are detergents…bubbling, lathering detergents that strip the skin and then require lotions or oils to replace the moisture. 

People have become accustomed to high lather due to marketing. Contrary to popular belief, high lather is not necessary for effective deep cleansing. Prima Natural™ soap has a high surfactant quality. It is extremely efficient at removing sweat, dirt and oils while maintaining the integrity of the skin.

Why is the soap a beige color and not white like other soaps?

Prima Natural™ soap starts out as white as the pure whole goat milk from which it is made. However, a full ¾ cup of golden raw honey is added to every hand crafted batch. At this point, the soap turns to a warm, beige-tan color. No chemical whiteners or colorants are added.

Is it really hand made soap?

Yes, Prima Natural™ soap is hand crafted from scratch, bar by bar, on an organic farm. All of the ingredients come from nature. Nothing is premixed or pre-measured. The best of nature is combined with the best of science!

The soap bars feel heavier than other soaps. Why?

Femal runner testPrima Natural™ soap bars are made with whole goat milk and premium natural vegetable oils. There is no water or filler. This makes for a very dense, longer lasting bar of soap. It feels as good in your hand as it does on your skin.

Why the price?

Prima Natural™ soap is made from truly premium, really natural ingredients. These are time consuming and expensive to attain. Yet, they are very important for maintaining health and well being. The skin is a living, porous organ. Molecules of moisture and gas are constantly exchanged in and out through sweat, moisture, oils and oxygen. What is put on your skin is absorbed into your body. Therefore, at Prima Natural™ we spare no expense using the highest quality ingredients for a safe, effective clean such as: Fresh, real whole milk from pastured goats, Pure raw honey (not processed) and premium food grade oils of the highest quality. Click here for ingredients. Customers have noticed and commented that the density of Prima Natural soap bars is heavier. The soap lasts much longer than most market soaps and, since it rinses clean, the bath and shower remain cleaner.

The scent is subtle and fresh. But, why is it scented at all?

Mature couple closeup testEvery Prima Natural™ soap bar is made of real, whole goat milk. By contrast, other milk soap makers use powdered milk, processed milk or milk and water mixtures. Most people do not wish to smell like milk and we use the real thing. Therefore, since Prima Natural™ uses real milk in large quantities, a very small amount of a naturally based scent is added for a very subtle, clean aroma that will not interfere with your personal perfume, cologne or preference for nothing at all. Sensitive individuals have reported that they can use Prima Natural™ soap without issue.