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Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin!

Be naturally clean and free of irritating residue. Let Your Skin "Breathe."

A pure, whole Goat Milk Soap with 3/4 Cup real Honey in every Handmade Soap Batch. Prima Natural™ soap is a new concept in skincare products and cleansing. A trade secret process preserves the qualities of the All Natural Ingredients, Minerals and Enzymes producing a gentle soap and deep clean like no other skincare product.Couple on bicycle

The vital functions of your sensitive skin are respected and preserved with a soothing, yet effective, clean. Healthy skin should be free of barrier residue, oil or lotion. These lock in heat and may cause problem skin, itchy rash, acne or even flaky, dry skin. Contrary to conventional thought, Prima Natural™ is based on the idea that really clean, nourished skin is possible by combining the best of nature and the best of science with no need for masking ingredients.

Familytest2Prima Natural™ is a true all natural soap of the highest, most luxurious quality. Most skin cleansers on the market are not soap at all, but are in fact detergents containing harsh chemicals and residues. Read the labels and compare. Try Prima Natural™ soap for yourself or as a gift for friends and family.

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