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Goat Milk Soap of Unique Origin
Purchases Benefit USA Family Farms

Two years of research and development by a registered Medical Technologist and accomplished naturalist produced an incredibly effective, yet still soothing and gentle, cleansing soap for the skin. It is quite an accomplishment to make a product that goes against conventional trends, utilizes all natural ingredients and out performs even the most luxurious soaps and cleansers.

The trials and experimentation looked back to the marvelous soap ingredients of Old Europe and royalty. Prima Natural™ combines these with a new world science twist...our trade secret process that preserves the natural enzymes, minerals and skin nourishing qualities of those ingredients. The formula is carefully pH balanced to perfectly offset the slightly acidic pH of human skin. The result is a fantastic clean achieved without irritating, stripping or clogging the skin.

The main ingredients take us back to the farm...pure, whole goat milk and real honey provide the perfect base. The naturally occurring capric, caproic and caprylic fatty acids of whole goat milk are kept intact by the Prima Natural™ process. The result is silky, smooth skin that must be experienced as it is indescribable. No other product leaves the skin so clean, yet supple and soft, without the use of residual oils or residues.

Lady yoga nature testPrima Natural™ is "Commerce with a Conscience." The impact of sales are far reaching. Many states have made it illegal to sell raw milk. This left dairy farmers, especially goat farmers, without a market for their excess milk production. Prima Natural™ obtained permission from state agriculture and health departments to purchase raw goat milk from responsible farmers for the sole purpose of making soap. This arrangement allows small family owned USA goat dairies to remain viable. The continuation of family businesses with well kept healthy, happy grazing goats is heart warming and environmentally important. Open pasture, natural hedge rows and wooded areas are necessary for goat health and vibrant, green rural areas.

What a wonderful feeling to create the best skincare products that support the ideals of natural living and true health for everyone from producer to consumer.

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